Mission: Providing Financial Security for Individuals and their Loved ones in Good and Bad Times


Wealth Protection/ Risk Management

Our timeline from the Start Point(SP) to the End Point(EP) can be very fragile and dynamic. Therefore, it is very crucial to ensure that our wealth is protected in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Some examples might include the 6 Ds namely Death, Diseases, Disability, Debts, Downsize and even Divorce.

Without proper strategies in place, you might end up losing your hard earned money that you have accumulated over the years.

You might have these priorities:

1) Life Protection

2) Total Permanent Disability

3) Critical Illness

4) Hospitalization and Surgical

5) Travel Insurance

6) Personal Accident

7) Legacy Planning

Wealth Accumulation/ Management

After having your wealth protected, you need to look into accumulating your wealth to eventually save up for some of the milestones in your life such as marriage, children’s education, buying a house etc. Last but not least, you need to ensure that enough is done for your retirement needs which is your Mid Point (MP). There are several ways to do that but definitely your money should not end up in the bank that gives you an interest rate of only 0.05%!

You might have these priorities:

1) Retirement Planning

2) Education Planning

3) Short-Medium Term Savings

Business Insurance

Singapore have started to attract many business owners to do business due to the security and effectiveness of the nation. You might be one of the business owners or know some businessman whose priorities are:

1) Keyman Protection

2) Credit Protection

3) Business Succession

4) Employee Retention

Group/ Company Insurance

1) Hospitalization and Surgical/ Group Outpatient GP and Specialist

2) Personal Accident

3) Money Insurance

4) Public Liability Insurance

5) Personal Liability Insurance

6) Fire and Extraneous Perils Insurance

7) All Risks Insurance

8)Professional Indemnity Insurance

Understand that our journey together will be an ongoing process as I believe in educating my clients with seminars only a monthly basis on various aspects such as financial, personal development and social. For more information about the events that was organized, click here.

Find out how you can protect, accumulate and manage your wealth with various instruments by giving me a call at 91373246 or email at


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