Mission: Providing Financial Security for Individuals and their Loved ones in Good and Bad Times

Will Writing, Insurance Nomination & LPA Workshop

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As a way to value add to our current existing clients and their loved ones and referrals they wish to introduce to us, we have organized a session for our clients.

The importance of having a Will will channel resources to their loved ones to the exact wishes that they have. Will includes immovable and movable assets such as property, cash in banks, investment accounts etc.

During the session, clients will learn about Will, relationship with Law of probate or Law of administration.

Insurance Nomination is also a very crucial part of their financial planning especially if a client has a portfolio of insurance policies. To date, $105 million worth of insurance monies are left unclaimed because of the lack insurance nomination making it impossible for insurance companies to contact the beneficiaries when the insured passed away. Usually loved ones are not even aware of the plans that an insured has purchased because most agents in the market are out there to just sell a plan to a client and never follow up with clients after which. Therefore, it is our mission to provide necessary procedures in place outside of the sales process to ensure our clients’ loved ones get what they deserve.

Clients will learn about the difference between revocable and irrevocable nomination and many more during the session.

Lastly, clients learnt about Lasting Power of  Attorney which kicks in if a client lose his or her mental capacity due to old age or due to accident.

This session is made complimentary and when clients wishes to act on the above, they are currently complimentary except for the Will as it involves partnership with law firms.

What our participants say:

This session proved really helpful in understanding the Will structure and insurance nomination. I recommend this to everyone who needs a short and concise overview. Thanks Amy!

– Ari Muljana

Very interesting session. Learnt alot about things about nomination and will writing and their importance

– Terence Yeo

Valuable knowledge gained in a short session. 

– Wee Siong


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