Mission: Providing Financial Security for Individuals and their Loved ones in Good and Bad Times

Man jailed three years for blinding bus driver

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It pains my heart to see such instances happen. Because of the spirit of strive such huge damage had happened. How tragic to lose one side of vision? In this scenario how’s the bus driver compensated? Who is going to pay for the damage? The loss of future income, the huge medical bill of $40,000? This driver only skill might be driving and yet that only skill cannot be used anymore due to the lose of sight. 

Imagine how different the situation can be if he happened to have a good hospital plan that can cover 100% of the medical bill? And an accidental plan that can cover disability with payout of 6 figure? All these premiums are easily affordable. 

I realized how important my career is which is to provide financial security in uncontrollable unforeseen circumstances. If only the bus driver has meet someone to share the importance of insurance is. How different the end result would be.


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