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To retire in peace, know your numbers

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It is wise to plan for retirement before it is too late. The nearer one reaches retirement age, the more the person have to save up. More often than not, if the gap is too huge, one will feel discouraged and end up not saving up at all.

Therefore, it is important to start being aware of CPF and it’s usefulness or insufficiency.

As the following article from Invest section from Sunday Times suggests, we will notice that more than half of senior citizens aged 55 felt that CPF savings is not sufficient.

Therefore, it is important to depend on other private plans. Annuity plans have became the trend for many prudent retirees to embark on. Jointly owned, in the event of death, surviving spouse will not be left stranded financially.

Investments are a good way to make use of compound interest to grow our wealth. Take note that if taken up from insurance companies will mean that your money is subjected to the bid-offer spread which is usually 5%.

You will always buy at offer (higher) price and sell at the bid (lower) price.

Therefore, it is wise to deal with independent financial firms which has platform to deal directly with fund houses eliminating the spread.

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