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Will Writing, Insurance Nomination & LPA Workshop

As a way to value add to our current existing clients and their loved ones and referrals they wish to introduce to us, we have organized a session for our clients.

The importance of having a Will will channel resources to their loved ones to the exact wishes that they have. Will includes immovable and movable assets such as property, cash in banks, investment accounts etc.

During the session, clients will learn about Will, relationship with Law of probate or Law of administration.

Insurance Nomination is also a very crucial part of their financial planning especially if a client has a portfolio of insurance policies. To date, $105 million worth of insurance monies are left unclaimed because of the lack insurance nomination making it impossible for insurance companies to contact the beneficiaries when the insured passed away. Usually loved ones are not even aware of the plans that an insured has purchased because most agents in the market are out there to just sell a plan to a client and never follow up with clients after which. Therefore, it is our mission to provide necessary procedures in place outside of the sales process to ensure our clients’ loved ones get what they deserve.

Clients will learn about the difference between revocable and irrevocable nomination and many more during the session.

Lastly, clients learnt about Lasting Power of  Attorney which kicks in if a client lose his or her mental capacity due to old age or due to accident.

This session is made complimentary and when clients wishes to act on the above, they are currently complimentary except for the Will as it involves partnership with law firms.

What our participants say:

This session proved really helpful in understanding the Will structure and insurance nomination. I recommend this to everyone who needs a short and concise overview. Thanks Amy!

– Ari Muljana

Very interesting session. Learnt alot about things about nomination and will writing and their importance

– Terence Yeo

Valuable knowledge gained in a short session. 

– Wee Siong


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Sleep Well, Live Well

I attended a seminar organized by Channel News Asia and Raffles Hospital. I find the session very well organized and learnt a lot from the various doctors from Raffles Hospital.


The condition that many people have and yet unaware is called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Patients with this condition have their upper airway partially blocked causing breathing to stop and start while sleeping. This might result in loud snoring while sleeping and when breathing resumes, causing loud gasps or body jerk.

When left untreated, it will cause various medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, depression etc.

As this condition affects the quality and even duration of sleep of a patient, it affects the lifestyle of an individual too as the person might be feeling restless and fatigue in the day. This will cause them to lose focus or lack energy to carry out tasks in the day.

What I find interesting was that no one will die because of this condition, but will lead to other critical illness that will cause death. Therefore, this condition is usually not known of since people do not seek treatment for it before it is too late.

The unique part of Raffles Hospital is that they work in a multi disciplinary faculty example including a team of psychologist, ENT specialist, neurology specialist and respiratory specialist that works together to find the root cause of a medical condition.

For example, one of the specialist mentioned that certain medicine diagnosed by a psychologist in a typical hospital like anti-depressant for a patient with depression might cause severity in  Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and because they operate in a single faculty, they are unaware of the consequences. By suppressing the condition of depression, it actually worsen the OSA condition and cause a vicious cycle.

If someone suspect that they have this condition, they can actually do a sleep test and if diagnosed, can use a treatment called CPAP which uses something like this during sleep to treat the condition.

On a side note, this kind of treatment is actually not claimable by insurance as it does not involved any hospitalization and does not fall in any of the critical illnesses. However, in exchange for a better quality life and to prevent diagnosis of critical illness, I still think it makes sense for one to seek treatment if they suspect themselves to have it.


Overall I have learnt a lot and had an enjoyable session all thanks to CNA and Raffles Hospital.


Very glad to have the opportunity to take a picture with Teresa from Channel News Asia as well.


As a bonus, here is a link to Raffles Hospital on a very useful tips found in their health issue magazine on Sleep.


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Man jailed three years for blinding bus driver

It pains my heart to see such instances happen. Because of the spirit of strive such huge damage had happened. How tragic to lose one side of vision? In this scenario how’s the bus driver compensated? Who is going to pay for the damage? The loss of future income, the huge medical bill of $40,000? This driver only skill might be driving and yet that only skill cannot be used anymore due to the lose of sight. 

Imagine how different the situation can be if he happened to have a good hospital plan that can cover 100% of the medical bill? And an accidental plan that can cover disability with payout of 6 figure? All these premiums are easily affordable. 

I realized how important my career is which is to provide financial security in uncontrollable unforeseen circumstances. If only the bus driver has meet someone to share the importance of insurance is. How different the end result would be.

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Sompo – 50% off TravelJoy Single Trip 12 Aug 2016 to 12 Sept 2016

Sompo 50% promo.PNG

The holiday period is approaching soon, in case you are travelling, I am most pleased to share this promotion on behalf of one of our partners, Sompo, on the 50% discount. Sign up has to be within 12 Aug 12 to 12 Sept 16 to qualify for promotion but period of travelling can be within 6 months of application. Eg. You sign up by 12 Sept 16 and you are travelling during December.

Click here to view coverage and premiums.

Have a wonderful trip if you are travelling! Be safe and God Bless!

Oh ya, should you think of anyone whom might benefit from this promotion, please help me to share with them! Thanks!

Sompo promo.PNG

Email me at or click here to SIGN UP. Processing will take less than 3 days. Kindly drop me an email if you have filled in the information required.



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Why is it so important to plan early for your child’s education? 

I was reading the article:”Singapore mum with $60k debt: I want my kids to have a better life than mine” and my heart goes to emphasize with her and probably many other parents.

In my line, I come across several clients who instead of planning for their retirement (when they are in their 50s), they rather plan for their children’s education. 

And when I ask them why is that so and they will say they that will regret not providing for them if they have the money. 

Thus, they rather spend almost all of their hard earned savings on their children then using them for their own retirment.

And some of my clients also said that they do not expect their children to repay them the amount.

In today’s time, it is very common for children eventually going to universities when they grow up. This is because most jobs that gives a decent income requires at least a Degree.

Like the mother in the article, I believe such situations can be prevented if parents were to plan well and plan early. 

Instead of going into debt for their children’s education, they should have started accumulating small and manageable amount when their child is borne earning an interest from various financial products. In this way, not only they do not end up in debt (paying interest to credit cards/ loan facility) but earning an interest from their accumulation plans.

Having said that it is more important to make sure they themselves are sufficiently protected in the event of death/ disability/ critical illness so that income replacement can actually take place. 

I am glad to be able to assist some of my younger clients to start planning early for their child’s education and their own protection to prevent this kind of scenarios in the future. 

Similarly, I hope to assist more people in this area. 

Contact me at for a personalized no obligation discussion. 

Click here to read the full article.