With over 14 years of experience under her wing, Amy’s passion and dedication shows in her work and achievements.

In 2011, she acquired the Associate Financial Consultant (AFC®), which helps her provide her clients with customised, professional financial services. She subsequently attained the Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®) in 2019 to offer estate and succession planning advice to all who need it, enhancing her practice of comprehensive holistic planning.

As an accomplished financial adviser, Amy often noticed that families are left bewildered and overwhelmed after dealing with distribution issues of a deceased family member’s unorganised estate resulting in confusion, conflict and costs. She also realised that individuals can eliminate tens of thousands in fees by consolidating their assets and distributing them according to their wishes via estate planning and proper drafting of Will.

Thus she began specializing in estate planning for the past 5 years helping many working parents, consolidate their assets and minimize Costs, Conflict and Confusion for their loved ones via an Estate-Planned Will without using up a substantial amount of time using a unique 5 Stages of Funnel-Based Estate Planning.

She have been invited to conduct webinars in various government organizations and MNCs on creating a simple yet powerful document which distributes their assets to their loved ones according to their wishes and values.